Fire Extinguisher Inspections

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Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Fire extinguisher inspections include two main areas

  • A “safety and performance check”
  • A “certified inspection” by a licensed fire protection specialist such as Service Fire Equipment. Certified inspections and re-certification are required for all businesses in the Greater Dallas area.

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How Often Should I Get an Inspection?

While a thorough annual certified fire extinguisher inspection is needed, for safety and equipment reliability, a regular inspection program should be implemented as well. Whether your program is weekly or monthly, the inspection should be performed on the same day of each period.

When an inspection is performed, a checklist should be used so any areas of concern or areas that needs special attention can be noted.

There are three areas of concern for the inspection:

  1. Mechanical Parts – does everything pass a visual inspection?
  2. Extinguishing Agent – is the gauge needle in the green zone?
  3. Pressure – is the cylinder safe and effective for use?

Fire Extinguisher Checklist Tips

Some key areas of concern include making sure that the nozzle and parts are not blocked with any object or other obstructions, which may hinder performance. It is also essential to examine for rusts, leaks, dents or chemicals accumulated on the unit. Check the hose to make sure it doesn’t have any cuts or excessive wear indicating it could be blocked. Do not forget to check and see if the operating directions are legible as many people have never used a fire extinguisher and could panic if instructions are not clearly accessible.

One of the most important checks when doing a fire extinguisher inspection is to make sure the device’s pressure gauge is at the correct level typically indicated by checking if the gauge needle is in the green zone. If it isn’t, you will require a recharge.

Finally, a fire extinguisher is only effective if its expelling means is up to specifications. A pressure test should be performed by a certified fire protection contractor to make sure it is perfectly safe for use. If it isn’t, then you will need to purchase a new unit.

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