Fire Extinguisher Recharge

Any time a fire extinguisher has been used a refill should be performed to ensure that it will work at its peak efficiency the next time it is needed. A fire extinguisher recharge is more than just simply refilling it, so trust the experts at Service Fire Equipment to handle all of your recharge and maintenance needs.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge

Any time you operate a fire extinguisher, you have changed the pressure in the device and therefore a thorough inspection needs to be performed as part of the recharge process.

Refill Process

Fire Extinguisher MaintenanceThe first step is to clean the external tank, the nozzle, and all operational parts. Next we need to preform a leak test before we do anything else. A simple test for checking for leaks is to submerge the whole extinguisher in water to see if any bubbles appear indicating a leak. Finally, we need to check for wear and tear, brittle o-rings, and any kind of a clogging issue that could impact a successful recharge.

At this point we are ready to refill the device with the correct extinguishing agent. The class of fire extinguisher determines if it will be refilled with water or a powder agent. After the unit has been refilled, it must be pressure tested for any leaks to ensure the unit will work properly.

Proper Maintenance

Service Fire EquipmentMaintenance is another vital factor that needs to be regularly carried out on a fire extinguisher to prevent catastrophic events. A well-scheduled maintenance program will not only facilitate to make a thorough check of the canister but will also help to determine if it is effective to operate in the event of a fire.

During maintenance checks, you should make sure that the pull-pin is properly secured within the handle and tamper seal. Beside this, make sure that the manufacturer’s instructions listed on the tank are legible for perfect operation. It will also be beneficial to ensure that no major alterations have been made to the device as it could affect the performance of the unit.

Should you need a replacement fire extinguisher in the Greater Dallas area, we’d be happy to help you with that as well.