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Emergency Exit Lighting Systems

emergency exit lighting installation and repairService Fire Equipment inspects, repairs, and installs emergency exit lighting as well as provides light bulb replacement, and battery replacement for emergency exit lights in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Importance of Emergency Exit Lighting

What is the first thing they tell you when you are in a building in an emergency?

“Seek the nearest emergency exit door…”

This is why emergency exit lighting is important. It is the first step in identifying an emergency inside a building.

Emergency Exit Lighting Considerations

There are five key areas to focus on when evaluating your exit lighting.

  1. Do you have exit lights at every exit?
  2. Is your exit lighting functioning correctly?
  3. Are the light bulbs working on your exit lighting?
  4. Does your exit lighting have a good battery in it?
  5. Are there any energy-saving options available for your exit lighting?

Service Fire Equipment can help you with your emergency exit lighting as well as provide you with a complete building inspection, noting any recommendations of any fire and safety hazards that may exist.